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Frequently Asked Questions


How do interior designers charge?

This is a very common question clients have when it comes to budgeting their projects. Ultimately there are a variety of different ways interior designers charge but usually it is an hourly rate and a commission. You may be asking yourself, does that mean interior designers make twice as much?

Designers are responsible not only for making selections, concept drawings and layouts but also for making sure everything throughout the duration of your project goes smoothly. Designers get your furniture at a highly discounted rate and usually mark it up still under the retail price. The combination of the discounted price you will receive your furniture at with the hourly rate effectively means you will get your furniture at the retail pricing but with the expertise of a designers putting all of your finishes, color schemes and layouts together.

What is your style?

This is a very important question clients ask. Reason being is that clients fear that the style of their home will reflect the designer and not their personal taste. An interior designerís job is to design the home for the client. This means asking a lot of questions about their personal style and daily functions.

At the end of the day, the designer is not living in the clientís home so the home must reflect everything that the client needs and wants. The designers job is to guide the client by giving a professional opinion and advising them on what may or may not work and why. Good design comes in all shapes and forms and is ultimately timeless and something that the client has to be happy living in.

What finish paint should I select for my home?

As a designer, I get asked this question all the time. Here is the rule of thumb for paint finishes; flat paint should be used in hallways and powder rooms, eggshell finish should be used on all walls as it holds up better for cleaning, satin and semi-gloss can both be used for doors, windows and mouldings.

What quick fixes can transform a home?

Clients often think they need to spend a lot of money in order to completely change the look their home. Some great tips to update your space are adding a new coat of paint to the walls or ceiling, painting your cabinets a different color, changing your cabinetry hardware, reupholstering an old chair in new vibrant fabric, purchase a new duvet cover for your bedroom, change out some of your accessories to a new bold color.

Many of these tips are inexpensive quick fixes that will really change the look of your space. Itís amazing what a coat of paint can do to transform a room.

Will painting my room a dark color make it look smaller?

NO. This is a common misconception about dark paint colors. Dark colors usually recede which means when you paint a room a dark color it often times makes the room look larger. Dark colors can add a cozy and/or vibrant effect to a space. It is important that when painting a room a darker color you have enough lighting. It is best to layer your lighting and put all of your lighting on dimmers so that you can change the mood in your space.

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